So, I haven’t posted in awhile. I was reading my old old old journal entries and I came upon something that I wrote on September 26, 2006. That was when we started living at Lester! Hehe, at that time I was going through a phase where a lot of things bothered me, and I would get upset or pissed off easily. Then apparently I had an epiphany and found the solution to my anger. You might find it helpful too, or it might be complete BS. Take a look anyway 😀 Omitting the introduction of the details of things that made me angry, here is the exact wording of…ANNIE’S STEPS TO HER RECOVERY!!!

(Disclaimer: This hasn’t really been tried. It was thought of, and Annie merely wants to write it down. It may or may not be stupid. Try or not try. Don’t blame if it IS stupid.)

1. It is okay to be angry. Try not to bother people but when you can’t contain it, let it out, for goodness’ sake.

2. There are friends whom you can trust and talk to, even rant to. Not ALL of your friends are such. Identify these good friends for the hell of it and TALK TO THEM. Well, talk to them if you want to. Chances are, they don’t mind! They WANT to listen and help. Talk to ONLY those identified individuals. Others don’t give a damn and will probably give you negative comments anyway. Don’t bother.

3. If you need to take a shower, take it. Don’t let MSN messages stop you. Tell everyone “brb” and take the damn shower.

4. When showering, THINK. It is always good to think in the shower and the water often acts as an agent to wash away any grief and anger. Think and REFLECT. Why are you angry? Is there a reason? Is this a legitimate reason?

5. Know that when emotions are bottled up for longer periods of time, it is easier to explode and blame everyone else. Realize that sometimes YOU are wrong too. Sometimes your complaints may be childish and you have no right to blame.

6. If you are mad at anyone, think of his/her good points, how he/she makes you happy, or how you sometimes make he/she unhappy too. Accept, compromise, forgive, and forget. Be quiet for a few hours and eventually you’ll start to miss him/her and it’ll be so easy to forgive. Hell you might not even remember why you are mad.

7. Remember that you CANNOT change anyone. Don’t get frustrated at this fact. It is part of life. No one said it’s easy to deal with other people.

8. Finally, don’t forget that you have friends to enjoy your time with. Also, there are so many people in this world who love you so much. They don’t want to hurt you, and if they did so unintentionally, they are sorry for it. Go have fun and laugh and live life without grief and regret.