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I am finally here to write another blog, I accomplished my goal tonight, which I told you about – to relax!! I read Ecclesiastes again and found:

I know that there is nothing better for people than to be happy and to do good while they live. That each of them may eat and rink, and find satisfaction in all their oil – this is the gift of God. (3:12-13)

It’s so encouraging…and it gives me a lot of peace to know that God wants us to enjoy our time here. Yes it sucks that we have to work to make a living and we can’t just do whatever want, but at the same time we bought that upon ourselves through sin. But God still loves us – I think one of the biggest blessings is to just be able to ENJOY the people we have around us, friends…families, and our jobs too.

I’m surprised – when I first moved in I was quite intimidated about the whole idea of having to take care of a house and do all these chores. Since Oakville is further away from everything, I thought “oh man there’s NO way I’ll have time to do things anymore…when I barely had enough time in Mississauga, I”ll never have enough time in Oakville”. But thanks to God’s grace, he’s somehow allowed me to HAVE time, in fact every night now I have time to sit in bed and read…the bible or that book about sacred marriage. I have no idea how but it works!

Oh and I wanted to say thanks to you =P I know a lot of times I rant and complain and blab on about irrelevant things. But deep inside I am really thankful and grateful that God gave us each other to rely on ^^ Friendships are such awesome, valuable things =D Deep down inside I also know that God has really blessed both of us and I’m uber thankful for that. I’ll keep praying for you!!



世界說:如果你很成功,別人會來服事你      上帝說:如果你真的成功了,就要服事人
世界說:為今日而活               上帝說:為永恒而活
世界說:我愛你,因為你...          上帝說:我愛你,雖然你...
世界說:不可能做到的              上帝說:在我凡事都能
世界說:只要親眼看見,我就相信         上帝說:那沒有看見就信的有福了
世界說:相信你的直覺              上帝說:傾聽聖靈在你裡面微小的聲音
世界說:真理是相對的              上帝說:我就是真理,永不改變
世界說:承諾守不了               上帝說:絕對不會違背我的應許
世界說:愛是一種感覺              上帝說:愛是一個決定
世界說:要走自己的路              上帝說:來跟從我
世界說:言語不能傷害我們            上帝說:生死都在舌头的權下
世界說:沒有人能知道未來            上帝說:你的未來在我手中
世界說:外表最重要               上帝說:人看重外表,我看重內心
世界說:基督徒是偽君子             上帝說:基督徒只是蒙恩的罪人
世界說:你不可以相信任何人           上帝說:你可以永遠信賴我
世界說:你只能靠自己努力成功          上帝說:找到我造你的目的你就成功了
世界說:人不都一樣?              上帝說:你是我獨特的創造
世界說:神是不可知的              上帝說:我已藉我的獨生愛子–耶穌基督向你顯明我自己
世界說:你天生如此               上帝說:你可以重生
世界說:我們不能改變過去            上帝說:你能用過去改變未來
世界說:你有享受自由的權利           上帝說:你能自由的去做對的事
世界說:善良的人總是墊後            上帝說:在我眼里,善良的人總是第一
世界說:不會有人知道的             上帝說:我洞悉萬事
世界說:千萬不要放手              上帝說:放手吧
世界說:你不為自己爭,沒人會為你爭的      上帝說:與你相爭的,我必與他相爭
世界說:生命是進化而來的            上帝說:生命是我創造的
世界說:我不再愛你了,離婚吧          上帝說:愛是一個決定,婚姻乃是一生之久
世界說:那只是个胚胎,還不是人         上帝說:你未在母腹時,我已認識你了
世界說:信仰是個人的事             上帝說:你是世上的光和鹽
世界說:先同居吧,不需靠一張紙証明我們的愛   上帝說:沒有委身就不是愛
世界說:要讓每個人看見你所做的善行       上帝說:要默默行善,我必獎賞你
世界說:一錯再錯,反正上帝會原諒你       上帝說:悔改吧,不要再犯了

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