You know, sometimes we’re arrogant without even realizing it, and it’s scary. It’s when confidence – or what you THOUGHT was confidence – turns into arrogance that we notice it the least, and it grows within your heart slowly but gradually, and in the end devours you unsuspectingly like a trap.

I’ve always been told that I’m patient. In fact, a couple of years ago (I sound old) when I was dealing with housing issues with Jason, Jason was being slightly (trying to be euphemistic) whiny at the WOCH and it took forever to finish what could have been dealt with in half an hour. The entire time I sat there without saying a word, and I remember the WOCH lady saying to me something like, “You have insurmountable patience.” And I thought, “Hmm, maybe I do, LOL.”

If there’s a gene for patience, then it came from my dad, and I thought, it made sense. So for a long time I believed that patience was one of my strengths and I was pretty proud of it. What I didn’t realize was that the more we thought we are good at something, the more we need to practise it. Then I thought I could sit patiently through everything that I have to deal with, that I could wait patiently through any trial that God gives me.

Well obviously I overestimated myself and underestimated God’s trials and failed miserably, LOL. Trials are called trials for a reason. If everyone sails through them like a breeze, then we’d all be perfect. Just when you think you’ve learned your lesson and you’re totally set to face any new situation with your “skills”, God tells you, “OH NO, you’re not as ready as you think. Here I’ll show you.” And then you get struck with a blow that wakes you up and makes you realize that you can never be completely “ready” for anything, that things like patience are a constant, life-long lesson that must be continuously HONED through everything we experience. There is nothing to boast about, other than our weaknesses, other than God’s ability, which is made perfect in our weaknesses.

It’s the same thing with courage, something I’ve had to struggle with lately. I noticed that you, as well as some of my lady friends, say things like “You’re so brave”. LOL. In the face of these compliments it’s easy to admit and say to myself, “Yeah I’m pretty awesome”, then forget to be humble. I said once, “I’m not as brave as you imagine me to be.” It may be because of the things I say, or the way I put up a face in front of other people that make them think I’m “strong”, but sometimes I really want to break down and cry in the company of someone if I had the chance (I would totally have, if you were here :D)

But then, while I shouldn’t BOAST about these qualities, I still do think God wants me to put them to use while honing them. Certainly, things like patience and courage are gifts from God, and in fact everyone has different traits and qualities that are clearly seen as strengths. We should be thankful for these characters that God has given us when He created us, and learn how to utilize them in serving God and in our daily lives. That’s my little reflection of the day 😀