Ever since my horrific maggot incident, I have been asking God why he had to make insects…not only make them but make them SO ugly and disgusting, and nasty and gross.

Lately i’ve found a lot of firebrats in my bathroom –>>>

At first they were just small ones I could easily take them down with a nice handful of toilet paper. Then I started to see them more often, it started to become a daily occurence, now I have to scan my bathroom floor before I walk in. Apparently they are noctural, so when I wake up in the middle of the night for a pee break….BOO there they are!!

Not only am I seeing more of them, but they’re clearly growing in size. With some raid leftover from the maggot incident I sprayed it along the bottom of the sink cabinet, which I think they are hiding in.

No good, still there =(

So today I cleaned my bathroom (which, admittedly I haven’t done in a while) and mopped my floor. Once again I was wondering and asking God…WHY IS THIS HAPPENING??? LOL, then I really thought God answered me =P I know it sounds totally lame, but it’s liek a lightbulb went off in my head, and so arises my THEORY OF INSECT ORIGIN.

Bottom line – I believe God made insects to scare us into keeping our homes (and ourselves) clean. Notice that insects only appear when things are NOT clean, or you live messy, etc etc. At first, small insects begin to appear…silverfish, earwigs, flour beetles – nothing really nerve wrecking. This is a warning. If you don’t get your act together, God starts to draw in big bad asses of the insect world. Ie. his centipedes AND spiders. Note that these bigger (and indefinitely scarier) insects require other insects as a food source. If you’re not clean and have harbored a nest of small insects, PERFECT food source for centipedes and spiders. So they come to scare the living daylights out of you. And indirectly promptly you to clean like a mad person in order to get rid of them.

I guess I haven’t been doing a very good job in keeping my place clean. I don’t live in filth, but I probably don’t vacuum, do laundry, wipe the counters, mop the floor as often as God wants me to =P In light of realizing my shortcomings, I also realize that soon I’ll be living with someone else *ahem* Darwin *ahem*. Who, is a bit of a clean-ophobe. I’ve always felt like God’s telling me there are some habits I need to shed before I get married…since you’re no longer living on your own you need to be considerate of other people too. True.

So in a strange way…Thank God for the bugs? O.o

I’m praying that he’ll stop with the firebrats – I really don’t want to see a centipede…i’m not THAT bad…..>.<