I guess it’s time I sit down for a bit to collect my thoughts =P your videos of our fun times in Waterloo makes me realize how quickly time flies – even I had forgotten those moments, it’s awesome that they’re recorded so we can look back at it and laugh =)

God has really blessed me to have you guys as my friends and housemates for so long XD

I had meant to write a post on something that stuck to my mind after talking to Pastor James (our premartial counsellor) – he asked, why did God choose to rest on the 7th day after he created the world? Was it because he was tired or needed to rest? No. God is God, he wouldn’t be God if he got tired or needed to take breaks. But he rested on the 7th day because he knew WE needed rest, and he wanted to set an example for us to follow.

I had talked about busy-ness before and how it eats into our lives. Similarly, Pastor James was also talking about the importance of Sabbath. I always thought of Sabbath as an old Jewish tradition that we don’t have to follow, blah blah blah. But really it’s just talking about setting aside a day where we can truly rest. Maybe right now we can’t put aside a whole day, but even just a part of a day…a few hours, ONE hour even, to just NOT do work, not think about what else needs to be done, not run around to do errands and take a break from those around us.

He highly recommends married couples to set aside Saturday as their “Sabbath” day. So I asked, what do you do on the Saturday then? He literally said – well you can sleep in until you’re both ready to wake up, have a nice lunch…..then in the afternoon, if you want to nap, take a nap. And then when you’re both awake, study the bible and pray together. Then it’s dinner time! Have dinner…don’t worry about saving food for tomorrow, relax and then back to bed!

I was totally LOL-ing at the thought of that, in my head i thought, well I can certainly use ONE day a week like that. Although right now it may not be realistic but I think his whole point is basically to have a time of rest. Don’t pack your schedule full. Have time for yourself and for God.

Regarding engagement – It’s been almost 2 weeks now and I still can’t really believe it!! I guess there is still a bit of an engagement high going on. But overall, still wading in disbelief. Darwin and I have dreamed of this day for years and years and years…we always talk about it, but we’ve never been able to DO anything about it. Now it’s finally happening, we’re looking for banquet’s together, doing premartial counselling, looking for a house together…if ever a dream is coming true – it’s now. I feel like God has truly delivered us, as a couple.

We went out to Milestones with fellowship from church on Friday night, 13 of us were there – Darwin and I were really happy that they’re taking time out to celebrate with us. After an awesome dinner of steak, they actually brought out a cake!! To celebrate the engagement!! LOL we were both sooooo happy. And then Susan (Jeff’s gf) gave us a present, it was a man and woman hugging with an angel over them.

God is great and so many times he’s proved to me that waiting on him is the right thing to do, and the best thing to do. I am so impatient and impulsive sometimes, but rest assured that God’s timing is PERFECT, regardless of our opinions at that moment. I’m no good at waiting for anything and I think this is constantly going to be an area God sharpens me in.

Will keep praying for you and you know who šŸ˜‰