LOL after I hung up with you I pretty much spent the evening updating the news on FB, and then my dad called me and was like “hmmm so you’re really getting married now…we need to “ga” 女…” haha I think it’s finally sinking in with him as he tells more family and friends that I’m getting married =P

It’s strange experience for me but I’m sure a strange and new experience for them too. It’ll be Darwin’s parent’s first time having a daughter in law, and first time my parents have a son in law. Neither of us know what the “rules” are suppose to be and how the $$$ flows and everything, but we are exploring it all together.

I apologize for not being able to get off this topic – I know it must be sickening XD So i’m going to try and restrain myself. Just give me a bit more time, I think after this week I should be more chilled out LOL. I haven’t really had “quiet time” to think about this either…strange I thought I would in my own apartment sitting here but Candy’s talking to me about it, I’m talking to Oliver about it and people are commenting on FB..and my parents are calling…it’s strangely “busy” for being in a house by yourself XD

I promise to write a better post and tie it together after I get a chance to think. NEED to remember I need to keep praying and studying the bible, especially during this time!!!

Thank you annie for the best wishes…i’m SOOOOO GLAD you’re going to be there with me on my big day!! It’s the moment and i’m so excited you’re going to be there!!!!