I pray that you may be ACTIVE in sharing your faith, so that you will have a FULL understanding of every good thing we have in Christ.


I was reading ODB today and realized…how INACTIVE i have been about sharing my faith.It seems like I am ashamed or I feel awkwaard about my identity as God’s children, as a redeemed person, a changed person…a saved person. A pereson who has eternal life because of Christ’s sacrifice. For something so wonderful in my life – I certainly don’t show it much. I keep telling myself – I NEED to come back to God, to start praying, start reading the bible…but the world bombards me (or maybe I bombard myself with busy-ness). Either way – I ask God to save my family, to let them get to know him…but what have I done about it? Have i been active about sharing God to them? no, instead I chose to hide away…I know sometimes family members are the hardest to preach too. But God’s not even asking me to speak to them, I just need to SHOW them by my actions…how my life is different because of God. But I can’t even do that…so sad.

This passage also tells us that being ACTIVE about sharing our faith allows us to FULLY understand ALL the good things we have in Christ. Interesting so in the process of giving, we are also receiving. I guess as we share our faith, answer questions, and ponder about what we believe it, we are indeed realizing all the good things God has given us, and what the MEANING of Christ’s sacrifice really is.