I am, at long last, finally posting on our blog -_-, its a bit ridiculous, i don’t think I’ve really sat down and read the bible in the past few weeks. Whoa, time really flies, things really change. I guess good times in life can ALSO draw us away from God. You know, when you’re in trouble and life is crappy and there’s so many uncertainties, that’s when we pray the most, read the bible the most, and spiritually draw closer to God. And then when all our problems disappear and it’s a bright sunny day in our lives, we actually pray and read the bible LESS, instead just enjoying life’s pleasures and doing whatever we want.

I know that consistency has always been my biggest problem in my walk with God. It’s like trying to go on a walk with a kid that has ADD. Totally can’t concentrate on the task at hand and just gets distracted by the smallest things along the road. That’s kinda like me, I get distracted by all the things in life, and then forget where I’m really trying to go.

The other day I saw a pic on someone’s facebook, it said “Is what you’re living for worth dying for?” A simple phrase that really made me think – what am I living for in the first place? My job? My family/friends? Money? Those things certainly aren’t wroth DYING for. My head knows what the correct answer is – God is the only thing that’s worth us living and dying for. But I certainly don’t act that way.

I really hope you can pray for me – putting everything aside, I need to pull it together – my walk with God that is. I feel so fail sometimes as a Christian – I think to myself “the bible says we should be salt and light of the earth, don’t hide under a bowl, we should let our light shine”. I feel instead that I’m embarassed of my Christian identity – scared to proclaim God to others, and really not doing what God had commissioned all of us to do – spread the Gospel for him. Epic fail, even such a simple task such as praying before my meal when I’m in groups…SO BAD. I know it’s bad…and I know it needs to get fixed. please pray for me!!!

On the other day, I’m so happy that you are drawing so close to God – through your fellowship and everything. It’s such an encouragement XD, you should totally be my role model <3.

I am reading the book of Isiah right now, seems like a good idea when it’s late at night and I need to be sleeping but can’t seem to fall asleep =)