I struggle to think of a good post title for this – so I might just leave it blank.I just wanted to say I feel a lot better now =) I am thankful to God that he has put so many things around me (including you and your post) to encourage me. I was really touched by that movie you sent me last week (it made me cry so much!!). The slideshow that you sent me was also encouraging as well. I guess it’s true – I keep thinking “oh if ONLY things were this way, then everything would CLEARLY be better and I would obviously be  happier.” but that’s entirely based on my own limited viewpoint.God knows better, and he knows best. It’s just…you know it in your head, but sometimes just being overrun with emotions (frustration especially), can totally twist your brain around.

I also ranted to Darwin, basically saying the same thing. Usually he just gets all emo too and I end up comforting him instead -_-. But that night was quite different, he felt so hopeful and optimistic. I have no idea where it’s coming from. I always felt like I had to be the happy optimistic one, for once I felt like I could just throw it down and just BE EMO for a while, and feel comforted and supported by him.

I think I have to learn to consciously remind myself to count my blessings, count them over and over again. That was the point of a sermon we had once before…to just be CONTENT with what God has given us…right at this moment. I guess that’s where trust comes in. Like how little kids listen to what their parents say, just an instinctive trust that the parents are right. I wish I could be like that with God – just like how the bible tells us to trust and love him, difficult as it may seem.

And to be put things in context, thinking about those around me…yes comparison is inevitable, ti’s like our brains are wired to just automatically do it. Yet, there are so many others in worse positions, who are still faithful to God despite their struggles. I just wish I could be more like that!

Freedom in Christ – i like what you posted for that…to add onto it, I interpreted as Christ setting us free from the “chains of sin”. So before we were chained by sin, condemned to death forever because of our sequences. But Christ came and cut those chains off, so by his grace we could be free from death. So we have freedom, in Christ. Does that make sense at all?

I’m totally reading that our daily bread website now btw, woohoo!!