This isn’t so much a devo post I guess, but lately I’ve been thinking a lot about the interactions between people…the relationships, including friendships, coworker relationshps, lovers, family members, etc – and what it’s driven by. When I’m pessimistic, I feel like people make these relationships out of selfish motives. Nobody wants to be lonely, and you can’t accomplish anything if you’re a social outcast in this world. To some extent, we all have to change ourselves one way or another so we can be ‘accepted’ by society.

Do people befriend others for selfish reasons? I guess some do, like those that try to make connections to climb up a career ladder. But on a lesser extent, don’t we all do that? We make friends because we don’t want to be lonely, want someone to care about us, and need their help at some point so we better stay on their good side!

I guess I’m just doing a bit too much thinking – with the recent ‘incident’ with oliver (who btw, doesn’t really talk to me anymore – not sure the reason why, or what I did. I can make a whole separate post on that), and Derek finding a job (which I’m REALLY excited and happy for him about! Thank God!), just feel like some of my closest friends will be drifting away. There are other ppl in my life still (from church, highschool friends, etc) but as we get older everyone is finding their own path…separating and chugging along in life.


– emorence (lol)