Since you have made yours, here is mine!

  • Pray for a sister in Christ, Emily, from our church – she recently graduated with her masters in speech pathology from UBC. She recently moved back to Toronto, and found a full time job. This is her first real “career job”, she’s 5 days in and SUPER stressed out (from my conversation with her on Sunday). Basically, because she is so young and new and chinese, a lot of her clients (so kids with speech problem’s parents), are questioning her experience in this field, AND her experience in life (as well as her qualifications, and everything). I think this is a really tough job because she’s struggling with a lot of people problems and feels like she’s being tossed in and expected to swim by herself. She has asked me to keep praying for her, because of the stress of the job, she’s had to give up leading worship (she has a beautiful voice and is a very talented pianist). So, I want to ask you to remember her too…let’s pray that this is God’s way for her and that he will comfort and support her as she walks through.
  • Derek – still job hunting, that consulting job is kinda not getting back now…doesn’t look like he’s finding anything else, must feel kinda depressed. Let’s pray for Derek!
  • Darwin – duh, I’m sure you saw this one coming LOL. Not sure if I told you about the story of how he received a $300 bill from Bell saying they’re going to call a collection agency and all. So it got sorted out, turns out someone got a hold of his SIN#, address, and all other personal info and created an account with Bell and racked up all these expenses. Luckily, Bell is not making him pay for it, and he’s filed an identity fraud/theft report with the police. But it is STRESSFUL as heck, especially for Darwin, because he is more concerned about his finances than most people. Basically, we’re worried that the person might use his info to do other stuff and it’ll ruin his credit.
  • My job – there’s been talk about how I might report into another manager (who I’m currently working with). I love working with him and I think he’s got a great management style, but the projects that he’s working on basically involves a lot of hard work at plants and very little recognition. I’m really unsettled as to how this is going to unfold. I do sort of have a say in it (if I talk to the big boss in our department), but I can’t seem to decide if I want to keep things how they are, or start reporting into the other manager (Mike – he’s a Christian too btw, I think it’s awesome to have a Christian manager). Pray that God’s will will be the one that comes through, and that he will guide me unto the path that he has prepared for me. I know when the right decision’s been reached, I’ll know because God will give me peace in my heart.
  • Our spiritual well beings – your post sums it up so I won’t bother repeating it.

[A brief reflection on how things are between Darwin and I] – feel free to read this later if you’re tired, it’s mostly just be rambling!

In my recent conversation with Darwin, things are starting to feel a little bit different. As you know, he’s stressed out about the whole job hunting thing, and now his credit might be at risk with the whole identity theft thing – he really feels like God is “targeting” his weakest points to “attack” (attack seems like a strong word, but you know what I mean). Well, God “disciplines” those that he loves right? It’s for our own good, but nobody LIKES to be disciplined at that time…because it’s painful. So I really want to pray for him too – that he can endure these trials, and know that God has a bigger plan for him in the future.

As for our “future” – well you know, one of the hugest things that Darwin can’t stop fussing over are the “financials” of it all. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully supportive of building a stable financial plan before starting our lives together, and I think I’d rather have him this way than someone who has no idea how they financially want to direct their lives. But my concern that is Darwin is TOO concerned about the numbers alone – shouldn’t there be something more to a marriage than numbers? Sometimes, in our weakness, God shows us his strength and power – is this one of those cases? what exactly does God have in mind?

That being said – obviously I don’t think right now is the right time, and God is really showing me that I need to be patient and trust Him – not myself, and not Darwin. I’ve told myself this like a million times but it’s almost like I have to remind myself constantly.And then there’s always something at the back of my back saying “well – how do you know Darwin IS the one you want to spend the rest of your life with?” and then I get a little frustrated about his shortcomings and he doesn’t do this, and blah blah blah – is that just Satan trying to destroy a good relationship? What does God think???

Any thoughts =) You can comment you know!