It seems that neither of us has posted prayer requests in awhile, so I’m going to go ahead and list some things to pray about for this week.

  • It’s been harder and harder for me to pray lately. I can’t say this was unexpected, because it happens every time I am away from a strong support base. I totally understand what you mean by drifting away from God because we’re “busy”, and it’s something that we need to pray about constantly, even if it’s just in our hearts. Though, sometimes it’s so tempting to say, “Oh, God knows exactly what I’m thinking of anyway, so why should I pray? He already knows what I’ll say.” WARNING WARNING DANGER DANGER. I think thoughts like this often pull us away from prayer and the moment we let that thought pop into our head, we need to start praying. So let’s pray for each other, that we will continue to maintain the link with God through nonstop praying.
  • Related to the previous point, I don’t know if you’ve ever felt like you’re doubting your faith in God. Sometimes I’d think…what is this God that I believe? Is He…real? What if what I believe in is just some made-up fiction and I’m a lunatic? UGH GO AWAY SATAN. Please pray that I will continue to stand firm in my faith and that I will not conform to worldly views that pull me astray from God. My pastor once said, “Being a Christian is like running a marathon; it’s a long journey, and you gotta have your view set to the very end.” I don’t want to be a “Sunday Christian”, and I bet you don’t either, so let’s ask God for the endurance to finish walking the path of eternal life.
  • MY EXPERIMENTS AREN’T WORKING. *Whines* Something about a contamination…I’m not sure, but I feel slightly discouraged, even though it may not be my fault or anything. Please pray for the patience that I will need to redo the experiments and pray that I will be able to get some half-decent results by the end of next week…if that is God’s will.
  • Let’s also continue to pray about this week’s topic, pride and humility. Let’s pray that we will learn to be humble followers of Christ and that we will not boast in our own abilities. I liked a saying by the pastor in Bordeaux: “I, who had nothing, now have everything because of God.” It’s true, we don’t deserve anything but by the grace of God, we have all the abundance in life that don’t belong to us. In addition to being humble, we also need to be content with what we have and not let greed devour us, although I guess that’s a topic for another day.

I realize that there’s a lot of prayer requests about ME this week, but I seriously feel that I need some spiritual support from you and definitely strength from God! If you feel like praying for my fellowship as well, there’s a whole list of prayer items here. Enjoy your day!