OK, here is a most serious post by me today.

I was thinking, how a few weeks ago, I felt so much closer to God than I do today. And I feel like spiritually, I’m on a downhill again. Sometimes, my heart gets a bit bitter towards Darwin, and I want to get impatient and selfish, and I forget all the teaching of the bible. I once heard in a sermon, that being a Christian is like constantly paddling upstream – as soon as your arms stop moving, you start drifting backwards. You don’t even have to do anything about it, and things will start to deteroriate.

The bible says Satan is out there like a prowling lion, ready to drag us off one by one as soon as we let our guard down. Don’t give him a foothold, not even one! I think busy-ness in life is one of Satan’s ways of dragging us down. Sometimes, he doesn’t need to do a lot to drag us down – just put a little bit of temptation at the right place at the right time and down we go. It’s so easy to feel success at work (or at the lab), and just want to gloat and boast a bit about our own abilities. Yes, God did give us those abilities and i believe He does want us to feel successful, but as soon as we get the tiniest prideful, Satan is there to keep feeding us more.

I can go on about how work is busy, and blah blah blah – but the time that I spend playing Starcraft or PS3 can be better utilized as devotion, prayer, and reflection time with God. Don’t you find that as soon as you “drift” away from God, you get really tired about the whole “real life” thing? I do – I feel like I lose my energy so much faster and when I get home I just want to flop down and do mindless stuff. God is right, He IS the living stream of water, if we go to Him, he’ll make sure we never thirst.

It seems like times of trials and hardships actually bring us CLOSER to God – like in the early Christian church, after Jesus rose from the dead and went up to heaven, the gospel spread like CRAZY – everyone was unafraid of it, despite the persecution, despite that people were being killed, stoned to death, burned to death, fed to lions. It was like the more the government was against them, the more people turned to God and was willing to sacrifice everything (including their lives) for the Gospel, just to get ONE more person to believe. If only I could have a bit of that energy for God – if only I was 1/1000000th as excited as those people were about the Gospel…if only I could REALLY put down the worldly desires, and not be a slave of money – I’m sure I’ll find so much joy in my life with Christ that I couldn’t help but tell others about it!

*sigh* there’s always tomorrow I guess =(

What should our next topic of the week be? I propose – What does it mean to have ‘freedom in Christ’?