Work seems to have taken on a life of its own – all of a sudden, I find myself thrown into a new project. I feel like I’m drowning and overwhelmed with information…how do I start sorting all this out and start contributing back? As excited as I am, I feel like my brain isn’t clicking as fast as those around me, I feel like I’m 10 steps behind. It’s a hard feeling to shake.

On the topic of pride and humility, I remember God said in the bible that God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Humility is a funny thing, because as soon as you think you have it, it goes away. I guess humble people will never admit that they are humble, because in the process of doing so, they are boasting in themselves, which is a form of pride. The bible places such strong emphasis on Christ’s humility. Jesus was a king, He was from God, and he was born as a carpenter – a super low job status in society back then. Mary gave birth to him a stable, and he was as ordinary of a kid as anybody else. While everyone was looking for the Messiah to come and save them, nobody thought Jesus would be the one. How could someone of such a low status in society by the Savior?

Jesus during his ministry showed us humility in so many ways. One of the most obvious ones was how he washed his disciples feet. Could you imagine? What if the Stephen Harper offered to wash your feet for you? I can’t even imagine how I would respond to that. Giving it some more thought, what if I was ever in such a high position, would I remember to humble myself and “wash other people’s feet”? Doubtful, I doubt I can put down my pride that way.

You might be thinking what is up with my post title “A lesson through eggs” – well, in fact this weekend I went home, and my dad had collected a bunch of finch and canary eggs in our artificial incubator (which is basically a plastic box with lots of fluffy stuff in it and a heating pad to keep the temperature warm). We candled the eggs (shining a light on it to see if an embryo was developing, and hence if the egg was fertile) – and categorized the eggs to ones we thought were fertile, but dead and maybe fertile and possibly alive. Among our “write off” pile, was 4 eggs, one of which I candled and thought “this one must be dead, it’s totally opaque and abnormal looking…not to mention wayyyy overdue”.

I spent a lot of my time caring for the eggs I thought was fertile (although I wasn’t sure), and neglected those 4 eggs. In fact, I had suggested we might as well take them out and not bother since they won’t hatch anyways, but my parents decided to just leave it in.2 days later (Sunday), I went out to buy something, came back, and a baby bird hatched!! And lo and behold, it was 1 of those 4 eggs that I had “written off”. Totally can’t imagine how that was possible, but it goes to teach me never to give up hope!

anyways, I was super excited about the arrival of the new baby chick. He was really weak though (probably because he was in the egg for wayyy too long, and didn’t have enough nutrients). After feeding him once, my parents out to do something and I was in charge of feeding him the second time. Thinking to how I had raised the other 2 birds, I didn’t think much of it when I went to feed the new baby. After feeding, the baby died!!! T.T

I couldn’t understand why, but I was hugely devastated. After logically thinking about it, it was probably because I wasn’t careful enough about feeding him, since he was weaker than the other chicks I’ve raised and needed “intensive care”, which I didn’t provide. I felt bad for soooo long because I felt that I had completed wasted the chick’s effort in hatching. The experience totally knocked down my pride and taught me to never be careless or boast about anything. God can make the most impossible things possible, while we can mess up on the things we are best and most confident at.

It was a really sad experience for me – but I know from now on I will be super careful with all my baby birds.

Anyways, I don’t know if I’ll be able to have our weekly devo’s on a normal schedule anymore =( Since going to the new plant I’ve been getting home pretty late (usually I’m not home until 6:00pm)…we may have to do it via sharing on the blog this week??