I seem to have a lot of things to pray about lately – for those around me who sent out specific requests, for those I care about and for myself too. Let’s keep a running record of our prayer requests and see how God answers! Was it you who told me the story about how God gives us 3 answers when we pray:

1) Yes – and I’ll give it to you now

2) No – but I’ll give it to you later

3) No – because I’ve got something better in mind for you


  • Henry Fung – a brother from PCBC who’s interviewed for U of T med school this weekend to become an eye surgeon (there’s a fancy name but I really don’t remember what it was)…he truly is faithful and dedicated in serving God. He told me once he chose this as his career path because he wants to glorify God by giving vision back to those who need it. I really hope he can achieve his dreams, but even more so, I pray this is God’s will for him!
  • Carina Siu’s sister (Florence) – I don’t personally know her, but Carina is from our church too, her sister Florence recently went into the hospital and into ICU – they don’t know what’s wrong and what happened, it literally just came out of nowhere. Please pray for God’s comfort and healing
  • Derek’s job interview tomorrow for a junior consultant…I really really hope he gets it, sounds like he really likes the job.
  • Oliver’s job interview tomorrow for the QA programming position, and his interview at ML today – I worry about Oliver more than I do Derek. Sometimes I feel like he’ll watch opportunities walk by him and never try to grasp them, instead he’ll just look at what “could have” happened and sigh. I really pray that God will open his heart and help him to be what God made him to be.
  • Darwin’s job hunt – it’s been on my prayer list forever, so might as well keep it on lol. The other day, I imagined the relief I would feel when he finally gets an offer, and at the same time, I’ve thrown frustration fits at God because I feel like he’s not crossing this one off – is He even listening? There’s a million question marks sprouting from our hearts because we don’t understand God’s plan. We speculate, but who can guess what God has in mind? I cling onto this passage from proverbs dearly everytime I think about this: “In his heart a man plans his course, but Yahweh determines his steps.” (Prov 16:9

Let’s leave that for now, I don’t want to sound greedy =P What’s on your list Annie??